About Us


►One Stop Aluminum & Zinc Die Casting Total Solutions Provider


In both aluminum and zinc die casting industries, We are the OEM

(Original Equipment Manufacturer)"Custom" die caster,spending more

than 20 years constantly refining our processes to deliver the best quality

to our clients. Our experienced tool design service guarantees the highest

quality die-castings while keeping manufacturing costs to a minimum.

Reaching Win Win situation is our ultimate mission we are incessantly 

striving for ; therefore, we are working relentlessly to integrate key

technology and optimised production processes to provide total solutions

to satisfy the ever-changing needs of clients that have arisen from products.

When it comes to achieving perfection of casting, it categorically requires harmony

among the tooling design(layout of gate and overflow,cooling line, ejection pins etc),

sophiscated equipment, experienced caster and the countless other variables that

affect a casting's internal and external structure. If one of items is not in balance,

the castings will be substandard. It turns out to add more subsequent processing cost to

fix the defects. Finally engaging in the die casting field over 20 years, we know

what it takes to achieve the perfect casting. It's having craftsmen with an innate

understanding of the processes and the ability to get the most out of the highest quality

equipment. That is why we are the best in the business.


 ►Market Served 


Since 1995 we have amassed an incredibly diverse portfolio of experience in the process

of meeting the aluminum and zinc die casting challenges of a truly countless array of

companies serving a myriad of industries.


►Network Communication Parts


►RC Car Parts
►Pneumatic Tools
►Skateboard Parts
►Heatsink Parts
►Surveillance Camera Parts
►IPC Parts