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►Metal Finishing Service in Long Cheng


After going through a series of related secondary operation we can

apply all cosmetic, functional, or protective coatings for the clients as below.

The various finishing options include:

1.Vibratory Deburring: Our metal finishing services include vibratory deburring

that can effectively remove sharp edges and other imperfections from the surface

of the product. Vibratory deburring can also be used prepare the surface for painting

and other finishing processes, as well as improve the product’s cosmetic appearance.

♦2.Shot Blasting : Another commonly used die cast finishing process is shotblasting,

which involves the high-speed projection of abrasive material such as both metallic

or non-metallic media to clean or strip the surface. It will remove a fine layer of

material on which the shots are blasted to expose unaffected stain free surface beneath

Steel shot is the most common media for blasting die casting. Commonly applied

shot blasting techniques include airblasting and wheelblasting.

♦3 E-Coating: Electrophoretic painting, also known as e-coating, is somewhat

similar to electroplating, except that paint is electrodeposited onto the surface

instead of metal. Our metal casting services include an effective e-coating process

that is often preferable to traditional painting.