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►CNC Milling / Lathing Machining

Long Cheng Die Casting provides our clients with CNC machining as a

complement to our die casting services. These CNC machines use a customed 

approach to manufacture custom-made parts that are ready for product assembly.

►What is The Advantage of CNC Machining

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is a process used in the manufacturing

industry that employs speeds and versatility not available with other conventional

methods of machining. These automated machines perform precise machining

with stable repeatability. In the die casting industry, CNC machining is used to

modify die cast parts and produce features that cannot be produced in the die

casting mold due to some inherent casting limits. This allows us to tailor

parts to the specific needs of clients and send parts ready for assembly.

CNC machining can be beneficial for removing edge rounds and draft angles,

which is often required to complete the high-pressure die casting processes.

The degree of the machining that is required can also vary significantly from

one product for another. For instance, basic die cast parts may only

require drilling or turning, which can often be accomplished without

CNC machining services. On the other hand, more complex parts or

more strigent tolereance requirement — such as those produced

for the IPC industry — need high-precision machining that can be

achieved through the CNC machining process.