Die Casting


►The Introduction of Die Casting Die


Along with the die casting machine, the casting die is other major component in the die

casting system. The casting die has four functioins:

♦1. Hold the molten metal in the shape of the desired casting.

♦2. Provide a means for the molten metal to get into the space where it is held in the

      desired shape.

♦3. Remove heat from the molten metal to solidify the metal.

♦4. Provide for removal of the solidified metal.

To prevail in this environment, the die casting die must be built from high quality tool

steel, heat treated to the required hardness and structure, with dimensions of the die

and cavity machined to exacting specifications.

Types of Casting Dies


Conventional casting dies come in various forms.

♦1. Single cavity die : produces on casting at a time.

♦2. Multiple cavity die : produces more than one casting at a time.

♦3. Family die : produces a number of different parts.