Die-casting Intros


What Are the Benefits of Aluminum Die Casting ?


1.Modern process technology that insures consistent quality  Computer control of the significant process variables has led to consistent dimensional control andd internal integrity
2.Freedom to design intricate configurations Design configuration is only limited to the designer's imagination and the moldmaker's ingenuity to build the casting die
3.Net-shape casting economies, even at lower volumes Elimination of machining and secondary operations can make die casting competitive at low production volumes
4.Meets moderate to high strength performance Die cast alloy strengths are above plastics and slightly below those of sheet steels
5.High quality surface finishes for decorative applications Good surface finish is relatively easy to achieve. A variety of surface treatments are easy to apply
6.Meets criteria for serviceability and recyclability Alloys are "green",easily recycled. The aluminum alloys are usually produced from recycled materials
7.Inherent EMI shielding for electronic applications High conductivity provides inherent shielding